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Agra, arguably the most visited tourist destination in India, holds world-famous monument Taj Mahal, listed third by the Hillman Wonders. Other not-to-miss tourist sightseeing spots are Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri and Itmad-ud-daula's tomb. Visit Agra for the city has plethora of unforgettable monuments.

Fast Facts
Location Uttar Pradesh province of India
Climate Very hot in summers and cold in winter
Languages Hindi; English too understood in tourism sector
Best Time to Visit October to February

City Travel Attractions
Tourist Spot Famous For
Taj Mahal one of the wonders in world
Agra Fort Great Mughals ruled India from here
Akbar's Tomb, Sikandara a red sandstone tomb of a great emperor
Itmad-ud-Daula's Tomb fine specimen of Mughal architecture
Fatehpur Sikri Emperor Akbar's capital; holds several magnificent structures

Taj Mahal
Considered one of the wonders in world, the Taj Mahal has unmatched harmonious structure, magnificent elegance and pristine beauty. The tomb of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan and his beloved wife Mumtaz seems ethereal. It acquires rosy glow at dawn or the sunset and assumes the look of a pearly mirage in moonlit night. White marble edifice is inlaid with precious stones and filigreed marble screens astound the admirers of architecture.

Agra Fort
Agra Fort is erected mainly from red sandstone. Its construction was commenced by the Mughal Emperor Akbar in 1565 and added to by Emperor Shah Jahan. The fort has the parameter of 2.4 km. It has predominantly defensive structure. Several elegant buildings lie within in fort. These are Jahangiri Mahal, Jodhabai Mahal, Anguri Bagh, Khass Mahal, Golden Pavilion, Sheesh Mahal, Musamman Burj, Diwan-i-Khass and Hamam-i-Shahi.

The visitors are allowed in the fort through Amar Singh Gate, built by great Mughal emperor Akbar.

Akbar's Tomb
Tomb of Mughal emperor Akbar lies in Sikandara, 13 km north of Agra Fort, amidst a garden. Akbar himself commenced the construction but it was completed by Jehangir, his son. Four red sandstone gates take one to the complex.

Itmad-ud-Daula's Tomb
Itmad-ud-Daula tomb is another fine specimen of Mughal architecture. It was built by Empres Noor Jehan, queen of Jehangir, as a memorial to her father. The tomb is marvellously ornamented with lattice work marble screens and pietra dura inlay.

Fatehpur Sikri
This fortified city, built of red sandstone, served once as Emperor Akbar's capital. The complex holds a slew of magnificent structures. Among these are Jodha Bai mahal, Mariyam mahal, Birbal mahal and Diwan-e-Khas. Marble tomb of Saint Salim Chisti is considered the finest building here. The Buland Darwaza, an imposing gateway 54 m high, is another magnificent structure. The gate built in 1602 AD to commemorate Akbar's victory over Deccan is the highest and grandest gateway in India.

Keoladev Ghana Sanctuary/Bharatpur Wildlife Sanctuary, Mathura, Vrindavan

How to Reach
Rail: Agra is very well connected to Indian capital New Delhi by fast moving trains. Best among these trains is the Bhopal Shatabdi, the fastest train in India. Luxurious tourist train 'Palace on Wheels' also journeys through Agra. Agra has three railway stations: Agra Cantt, Agra Fort and Raja ki Mandi. However Agra Cantt is the main railway station.

Road: Agra is well-connected by buses with New Delhi, a 4-5 hours journey. The city has three inter-state bus terminals: Transport Nagar Bus Stand, Idgah Bus Stand and Bijlighar Bus Stand. The one at Idgah is the main stand. The stand at Transport Nagar operates the buses of states other than UP. Bijlighar Stand is primarily used for intercity travel.

Distance from Major Cities
City Distance Highway
Delhi 200 km National Highway 2
Jaipur 255 km National Highway 11
Gwalior 120 km National Highway 3
Kanpur 285 km National Highway 2

Intra City Travel
Auto-rickshaws and cycle-rickshaws are available for the tourist spots. Buses also operate in the city.

» You are advised to fix fares in the auto and cycle rickshaws in advance.
» Some drivers could try to take you to souvenir shops. Avoid those vehicles.
» Be aware of the touts.
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