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Golden Triangle India

Duration: 05 Nights - 06 Days

Rajasthan Tour

Duration: 10 Nights - 11 Days

Tour to Kerala

Duration: 06 Nights - 07 Days

India Tiger Tour

Duration: 07 Nights - 08 Days

Magic of South India

Duration: 05 Nights - 06 Days

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Deccan Odyssey Luxury Train

Duration : 8 Days
Destinations Covered : Mumbai, Jaigadh, Ganapatipule, Sindhudurg, Goa, Pune, Aurangabad, Ajanta, Nasik
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Deccan Odyssey, the royal luxury train, runs between Mumbai, commercial capital of India, and Pune, the cultural hub of state. The train operates weekly, from October to April. Apart from these two cities, other prominent attractions of Deccan Odyssey Luxury Train Tour Package are the caves of Ajanta Ellora, named as world heritage. The train also stops in Goa, the most popular beach resort of India. You also get to tour Jaigarh Fort, Sindhudurg, Aurangabad and Nasik.

Day 1
Undertake the train journey which is the synonymous of luxury and pleasure. Report at the designated place and time (which would be conveyed to you later). You would reach station with all your co-travellers. You would be welcomed there in traditional way and board the train. You would take your dinner in the train itself.

Day 2
First stop on this romantic journey is Jaigadh Jetty, located at the foothills of the Jaigad Fort. Spectacular view of the ocean can be seen standing atop the fort. The fort is the witness of many intriguing historical tales.Beaches of Ganapatipule are an experience in themselves.

Day 3
Next day stops at Sindhudurg Nagari Railway station, located on the tip of Konkan. A luxury coach carries you to Malvan Jetty from the railway station. A comfortable boat is arranged for you. While on boat ride enjoy fascinating view of lush vegetation, colorful birds and caressing waves. After an enchanting journey you would reach Sindhudurg Fort.

Day 4
The train chugs into Goa, the most popular seaside resort in India. Explore the exotic destination visited by tourists from all around the world. Lush surrounds the hamlets. White washed churches of Portuguese style stand on red soil.

Day 5
The luxury train enters Pune, the erstwhile capital of Maratha kingdom, next morning. Pune is also known as the cultural capital of the state. It is a town where several poets, writers, singers and artists are born. Take your breakfast in the train. And then venture into the town to explore Pune. The monuments of the city hark back to centuries.

Day 6
Slicing along the rolling hills and impressive ruins of the past, the train arrives in Aurangabad. Founded by Aurangzeb, the city has many monuments related to Mughal history of India.

Day 7
The train would reach Jalgaon railway station and travel to Fardapur resort in a luxury coach. You would reach the Waghora valley where the Ajanta Caves are located. Older than Ellora caves (200 BC to 650 AD) they are sliced from the volcanic lava of the Deccan Trap in a steep crescent shaped hillside. Ajanta and Ellora have been designated as world heritage sites and provide immense delight to the lovers of temple art.

Day 8
The train would reach Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. Take your breakfast and venture out of the train. You can plan your travel in Mumbai as you wish for the journey of Deccan Odyssey lasts here.
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